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Game Thread W13 - Denver V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Champ seems to be lining up on Kennison so far, and in their first drive Green was looking elsewhere. Though worth remembering Eddie has scored on Champ before.

Anderson Owner: :pickle:Chiefs fan - :cry: :loco: Sometimes it's tough to be a FF owner and a fan of a team.

Gonzo scared to take that hit for the catch costs them a pick
Green did hang him out to dry... but i think he should've came down w/ it... or at least got 2 hands on it to not give up the INT
I didn't see that he was touched so how is that NOT a TD? Didn't see replay tho.
No touch,TD. Touched no TD.So I ask what was it?
Rules are different for QB. If he slides feet-first, he's down where the ball is when he starts the slide. In return, defense can't hit sliding QB.ETA - :pickle: Anderson! :pickle:

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Doesn't matter if he was touched.

He went feet first.
So? If you fall down you're allowed to get back up and go. Who tf cares how you land?? Is this some weird QB rule??
Van Pelt.  WTF????!
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
I'm pretty sure he was probably still drunk, too. I love that guy. Hmm... this is giving me ideas, maybe I'll change my avatar.ETA: Nope, his picture isn't cool enough. He doesn't have the scraggly beard that he's currently sporting.

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What a game, though. Not much as far as defense, but certainly exciting. Just wish Denver had taken a shot to the end zone there. Ah, well... at least they get the ball to start the second.


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