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Game Thread W5 - Seattle V St.Louis (1 Viewer)

Jurevicius, Hackett, and Warrick all started in a 3WR set. 2 catches for Hackett on first Seattle possession. 1 target for Warrick.

Hackett's third target on a bomb to the endzone draws a pass interference flag. Alexander time.

Announcers have mentioned it. Can almost hear pins drop in the St. Louis. The crowd is dead.

Looks like Hass has no confidence issues with the new starters. Hackett looks fast. Lets look Stevens' way now, por favor.

What I would give to have Alexander and Tomlinson on the same team.
lol I tried to get Holt, Crumpler, Caddy, Kennison and Rudi for LT......of course thats what I would give but he didnt care lol.
Kevin Curtis, 25 yard TD from Bulger.Target count for Rams:Curtis: 6Holt: 2Jackson: 2McDonald: 3Robinson 1

TD Joe J.4 catches 90 yards 1 TD. Second look for him in the EZ on that Drive.

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