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WR, Jake Bobo, Seattle Seahawks (1 Viewer)


I searched and he didn't have a thread. Old for a rookie at 25 but he just led Seattle in snaps with DK missing the game. Had a sick 1 handed catch for a TD.

Surprising to see him get more snaps than JSN but apparently he may be better in the blocking game.
DTR's favorite target at UCLA last year. He's not fast, but has good hands and was a reliable chain mover. plays more like a tight end than a receiver, like using his body position and hands to catch the ball than a fluid prototypical wr. imo he doesn't have upside to overtake any of the receivers in Seattle when they are all healthy, but possible filler while DK is out. i didn't watch the game this past weekend, so this opinion is purely based on his UCLA games this past year. I never seen him play before his transfer to UCLA either.

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