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Get Golladay for Josh Kelley? (1 Viewer)


14 team PPR with lots of bonuses (long TD; RB td catch, rush first down). Started 0-2 because I have Michael Thomas, AJ Brown, Will Fuller and Wentz (and Ben) at QB. Was offered Golladay for Kelley and it sounds good, but worried about having 4 injured WR with my slow start. We play 2RB, 2WR and 1 flex

RB - Carson, Mixon, A Gibson, Kelley

WR - Thomas, ARobinson, AJ Brown, W Fuller, C Samuel, MVS, (waiver bid for G Tate) 

Golladay is the better player but Kelley is a solid RB2/RB3 which is tough to give up for injured player at 0-2. Thoughts?  TIA


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