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Giants vs. Steelers - Week 1 on Monday Night Football! (1 Viewer)

Got to be more to this.

He was animated at one point and yelling towards the sideline.

He may be nicked, but I think this is a benching.
He played after that. But Snell started getting carries and ran better. Looked to me like Snell is more effective tonight. Maybe Snell forces a rbbc. 

So ummm... Steelers. Bud Dupree has looked great, awesome game... how about giving him the rest of the night off? Steelers look good, I'm sure they'll be fine. Maybe even play some prevent here.

So unbelievable how a team like the Giants can’t figure out a way to get the ball to Saquon in space 8+ times on screens,  swing passes, and isos on linebackers when their run game gets bottled up like this.  

The rarely seen no defensive line defense.....

It's a bold strategy cotton

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Is the Steeler running game terrible because of run blocking, the Giants D line getting a push, a combination of both, or what?

ETA: well there goes Snell

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Fowler and Herbstreit are the gold standard of football announcer crews. making me miss college football rn

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