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Giants vs. Steelers - Week 1 on Monday Night Football! (1 Viewer)

Whenever I hear "I'm in" in a hacking movie I know that the people writing the movie have no idea about computers.

Saw a tweet that there's no official injury designation for Connor -- benched?

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I'm pretty sure there's no rule requiring players to re-establish position to recover a fumble. If Juju was out-of-bounds, then the ball goes back to the offense anyway.
If a player is out of bounds when he touches the ball, it is dead at that point and has not been recovered by either team, so the offense would retain possession.

Years ago the Bills hit a Patriots receiver, knocking him unconscious, and he fumbled.  When he landed on the ground his feet were out of bounds, but most of his body was in bounds.  The ball touched him during the scramble, ending the play, meaning the unconscious player was essentially the guy that recovered the fumble.

Good move to slide after getting the 1st down. Wow, the Steelers have good WRs up the wazoo. They won't need Claypool until next year, barring injury.
not sure there has been a better team when it comes to drafting WRs over the past couple decades.

Santonio Holmes/Mike Wallace/Antonio Brown/Emmanuel Sanders/Martavis Bryant/JuJu/James Washington/Diontae Johnson/Chase Claypool


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