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Glut of players- DB and LB (1 Viewer)


with a start 5 IDP (1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB, 2 flex) league I am in, I currently have a glut at DB and LB- yes 8 on my roster and its starting to become a little crowded.Id like to keep 6 out of the 8 but if i just have to let go of one, that also solves some space issues. here it is- the amazing eightLB Donnie Edwards - Keep him for sure No brainer. (1)LB Odell Thurman - Not putting up amazing stats but as a rookie, pretty damn niceLB Kawika Mitchell- Finally some confidence as the Chiefs' MLBLB Danny Clark- hasnt played great thus far but nice last week, may play more snapsDB Adam Archuleta- Been a stud thus far hes also a keep for me (1)DB Charles Tillman- averaging some nice stats thus far, im liking the tackle #sDB Madieu Williams- studly when healthy and im hearing he is probableDB Kerry Rhodes- Another keep right?Its a beautiful situation, just cant make a definitive argument about letting go of anyone.Will answer yours if you leave a link Thanks!

You start who at the 1 DL spot?
Jason P TaylorI took over this team because the owner simply did not realize that IDP players should be taken later than offensive ones and so I sport this amazing fantasy IDP lineup but a dire shortage of Offensive power.


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