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good articles from FBG (1 Viewer)


So i got my draft tomorrow, and feel like i have fallen behind draft prep from past years cause of a little monster i have in my house. Anyway, was looking at some of the articles, and i love 2 of the recent ones:

Phil Alexanders: 10 ADP risers.  - love the update on guys that have moved around on draft position, and some feedback. 

David Dodds: Beneath the Numbers, 44 takes from doing projections

I'm not a shill, but found these 2 articles to be nice updates and fun reads. Short and to the point too. I have played fantasy for tons of years, so i feel like i know 75% going into a draft without looking at anything. Maybe i am in a chipper mood, but i liked these 2 in particular. Maybe i should keep this up, let Celtics and Cowboys fans they are good people and it is all love :)  


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