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Gronkowski Production Week 7 (1 Viewer)

Poll: Gronkowski Production Week 7

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Interested in everyone's opinion on what Gronk will do this weekend now that he has been cleared.

And yes, I am a (patient) Gronk owner.

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I have both Gronk and Finley.

If I start Finley due to him and Jordy being the last men standing (and looking for targets) plus the shroud of mystery that is NE I am sure Gronk will have a spectacular personal season opener. If I do that, you're welcome fellow Gronk owners.

I'm worried about a limited snap count, but he only needs a couple red zone looks to do damage.

It will be like last year. After a hard fought game1 against the jets, NE will destroy them today and Gronk will get every passing TD. I expect him to go 100+ yards, 3 TDs.

Especially because he "dominated" the NE defense in the Graham roll and we all saw that that defense was solid against the real Graham

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