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Nick Vermeil

We had a fire in my work building yesterday and they evacuated the entire high rise while I was downstairs trying to figure out what was going on.  Once everyone was out, I scrambled trying to connect with all of my employees to keep them in the loop. I tried to set up a group text and realize that I'm capped at 10 numbers.  Pain in the butt.

Today I figured I would set up a handful of groups and name them Company1, Company2 etc, but have discovered that stupid Apple won't let me name groups that include non iphones.  So, what are my options here?  Anyone have an app to recommend that can do this that will allow people to respond from their texts and not require their own copy of the app?  

Alternatively, you can setup a distribution list in Outlook with all of your employees as contacts. The trick is setting up their phone number as an email (phonenumber@carrier.com/net). You can then send a 160 character or less email to that group contact and it will send texts to everyone.

The difficulty is getting the correct carrier information/formatting from everyone, especially if people hop carriers.

So not really a fantastic option, but an option none the less.

We use the Telegram App at my work to notify employees of closings, etc.  You create a group, send the link to everyone and then can set it so that no one else can reply, so it doesnt muddy up the communications.

Specific to this issue, have a designated meeting place for disasters. For general use, I don’t have a solution to the group text issue. 😔

So you have a disaster plan, but at the first chance of a disaster, people just ignored it? I would hope that is addressed rather sternly. 
I was going to fire them all but then I heard they helped a lady with a cane down 12 flights of stairs, so they get a one time pass.   

Did the fire start because you left your cheese pita in the toaster oven for too long?

I worked at a hospital that used Blackboard.  It worked well with quite a few options.  Text, email, text to voice message.  Pretty sure we got special healthcare pricing.  Not sure what it costs for a business.  May be overkill depending on how many people you are talking about.

More to the general idea of the thread title: #### you iPhone people who hit the "like" or "laughed at" button on a group text. That gets shot back as a new text to non-iphone people as "######## liked: "Sally is being a #####" ". Or "####### laughed at: "that's what she said!". 

I started replying to those as: "Sebowski liked  "######## liked: "Sally is being a #####"". 

I’ve been in several apps for work. Line, what’s app, and Slack being the most common.  Slack is amazing for work groups.  I hated it at first because I knew Line so well but really grew accustomed to it.  You can even sync your calendars up with Slack and have them update with your emails automatically at work, and have text filters and different text groups, almost like a mini forum.  


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