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Had to have him - Did it work? (1 Viewer)


Name the ONE player you HAD to have in your drafts....

Did it work out for you? why or why not?

Me - above all - HAD to have Josh Gordon. Reached for him in most every league to ensure I got him.. worked beautifully..

of course had some serious misses, but that's besides the point.

I targeted Ben Tate way early in several leagues. The jury it out, but his injury doesn't inspire confidence.

Jordan Cameron was another must-have, so far so good.

Jimmy Graham-big hit until now. Not sure what to do with him, might try and sell after his limited but productive day

David Wilson-miss, horrible horrible miss

Shane Vareen-looked good, but got hurt

TY Hilton-hit and miss, now should see huge targets

Josh Gordon-hit, but sold him in my main league. Issues with QB, and I hate his body language on the field, pouting and no extra effort.

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I targeted and got Jordan Cameron in all 4 leagues. Got him usually around the 9th-11th rounds. Has worked out pretty well.

The good, Gordon and Gronk. Had them both on 3 of my 4 teams. Was lucky enough to manage a decent record while they were out, so I'm in great shape now. Also had Blackmon, but traded him before he came back on 2 different teams.

The bad, Miles Austin and Vincent Brown. Needless to say, no longer on any of those rosters.

The ugly, Doug Martin and David Wilson. Luckily, traded Martin for Peyton Manning (not straight up) the day before his injury.

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Desean Jackson -- thought his draft position was crazy. He allowed me to stack up at other positions, then grab my WR2 way late. Ended up being key to my draft.

I'll give a good and a bad.

Josh Gordon and Bryce Brown. I thought they'd run a ton and both backs would get 15+ touches a game.

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Vereen - Injury killed this one.

Lacy - so far, so good.

Blackmon - The jury is still out. Two amazing games, two weak games.

Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson. Would have taken Trent number two in a dynasty start up if the guy at number one didn't.

The days of players like Gordon sneaking under the radar and nabbing them at around or below adp have long gone now, missed Gordon as a result in a couple of leagues. Need to "reach" now in order to secure the one player you believe in

Took Jordan Cameron in the 8th and Pryor in the 11th as is decided I was targeting both as sleepers beforehand. Also got Gordon in the 14th.

Ended up with J Thomas from WW week 1 so Cameron got me good points on a few starts and was great trade bait for Moreno as I needed help at RB

Pryor I ended up dropping, picking back up and dropping again all without using him once, before going in for him again last week to actually finally start him as cover for Stafford this week coming, only to lose out on him to another guy.

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I really tried to avoid having to get guys, especially at the top of the draft and let the draft come to me. That said, I felt there would be good value at elite TE and took Graham late second in two leagues and Gronk in the 5/6 in a couple. If not for graham hurting, that would be a no brainer, helped me to a points lead. Gronk took longer than expected but hope to see the advantage at that position pay off moving forward.

Was targeting Sam Bradford in two 2QB leagues... Was easily outperforming all but the elite guys, when he was taken a few rounds later (5th round vs late 2 and early 3rd guys). His injury really hurts at this point.

Wanted Gordon but so did others, so didn't grab him. Was able to wait and get Blackmon where I punted WR and that still has a chance to pan out.

for me it was Brees - and for the most part it worked. Only because a lot of the RBs I would have taken ahead of him have not produced.

Eh. I don't really reach for players but I had high expectations for these 4.

Greg Jennings- doh.

Alex Smith in a 2QB league- worked well but traded him

Nick Foles (again 2QB) - we'll see. I was right about Vick...

Brian Hartline - Nope. Dropping him in a week or two.

Julio and T-Rich.

Missed on Julio, tried to trade for him and got rejected... blessing in disguise.

T-Rich... well... unless he has a miraculous turn around after the bye I won't be making that mistake (ever) again.

Really didn't have to have anybody, which is always the best policy if you let VBD principles guide you. Yes, I know, you can't let another man's spreadsheet pick your team. There's always a gut feel to middle round picks and you have to follow the tiers and watch the runs on positions. I think I did pretty good all things considered.

My bad - T. Richardson, R Rice wasted first round picks

My good - Cameron in the 11th round

My ugly - selling "high" on Cameron after week one. :bag:

One guy I really wanted but kept going ahead of where I was targeting was Gordon. I guess there were others who really needed to get him. Another guy I wanted, but would not touch at his price tag was TY Hilton. I think the Gordon owners came out ok at least in comparison to the TY Hilton owners.

Vareen - promising, but then injured

Gordon - home run

Britt - oof

Cameron - home run (drafted him after Finley a couple times)

Redrafts: Charles was my big one, he was my #1 overall pick in every redraft I went into this season (I didn't draft below the 9th slot and he was there at 9 in that league).

Graham was another, if I had drafted after Charles was gone I was likely taking Graham regardless of the slot going into this year. I would have taken him as early as 1.05 probably and up until his injury that'd have worked out and honestly? Still looks like it may. I happened to get him in the 2nd after pairing him with Charles in a few leagues.

David Wilson was a big miss, I wanted him thought he'd do well and the Giants entire team just imploded. Luckily I didn't draft him earlier than the 4th round in every league (drafted strictly prior to the Week 3 preseason game).

I didn't draft him at all but I had Peyton as my #1 QB by a mile, he was just never there when I was willing to take him.

Dez Bryant, same thing never got around to taking him but really thought he'd light the world on fire this season.

In Dynasty one of my big ones so far is Ellington, I traded up for him in 2 different dynasty leagues and I'm loving the outcome so far. I didn't expect to see any return on him until next season at the earliest. As of this week he's RB15 in both my dynasty leagues. And the gap between him and Top 10 is only about 17 points right now. So I'm incredibly pleased there.

Another one of my dynasty wants was Johnathan Cyprien (I play strictly IDPs)... he's been 'okay' so far. He was putting up some great numbers earlier in the season but those have kind of backed off as of late.

Worked out - Welker, Blackmon (parlayed into Reggie Bush after his 2 huge weeks)

Missed - Julio, Witten

Julio Jones - Was awesome until he got hurt

Josh Gordon - Didn't get him in either league since he went way earlier than I had anticipated

James Jones - Thought he presented excellent value given his ADP, and until he got hurt I loved the pick

Matt Ryan - I felt he would score almost as many points as Manning, Rodgers, and Brees and could be had a few rounds later. I've been happy with him so far, but am a bit concerned going forward because of the injuries at wr. Still no complaints given where I drafted him.

Made a point to get all of these guys on every team. Reached in a few cases to ensure it happened...

Julius Thomas - didn't even draft any other TE's, that's how confident I was

Knowshon Moreno - finished last season strong, best pass blocker on the roster, and was again the forgotten man in the Denver backfield

C.J. Anderson - loved what I saw in pre-season and figured I could do worse with a last round flier

Percy Harvin - trusted that my teams were good enough to make the playoffs, hoping for him to be big down the stretch and in the playoffs

Joique Bell - loved him last season; knew he would make an okay flex at worst, potential RB1 with a Bush injury

Russell Wilson - expected a huge season; hasn't been great but for where i got him in most drafts he's been serviceable; harvin's return should help

Jamaal Charles - of course this was draft position dependent in snake draft leagues but got him in all auctions and in every snake in which he was available in the first (even the league i had the first pick)

Hakeem Nicks - figured he'd post numbers similar to cruz for a fraction of the cost; hasn't worked out so well but i still have some faith

Doug Martin - ugh, waste of a number one pick, traded him 2 weeks ago for Jordy, now it's working

D. Thomas - working just fine

R. Bush/J. Bell - working out

L. Bell - finally working out

J. Blackmon - jury is still out

Doug Martin - ugh, waste of a number one pick, traded him 2 weeks ago for Jordy, now it's working

D. Thomas - working just fine

R. Bush/J. Bell - working out

L. Bell - finally working out

J. Blackmon - jury is still out
Nice. :thumbup:

Picked #2 OVR in a 16 team league:

Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant, Le'Veon Bell and Jordan Cameron were among my must-haves

I drafted upside down this year with mixed results thus far. Decent waiver wire has been keeping me in it. I took these 4 everywhere.

Brees - Happy

Wilson - blown

Amendola - blown

Lacy - TBD

I don't know if there was anyone I thought I had to have. Guess I seemed to end up with in a lot of leagues though include;

Dalton - looking good so far.

A. Smith - also looking good thus far. This was my targeted QBBC in all leagues. Got it in 2.

Charles - tough to to really get but I drafted him at 2 overall in 2 leagues. Very happy.

KC D - best pick of all my drafts.

Patterson - took him late in just about every league. Pretty much wasted flyer at this point.

D. Allen - injured and never played a down.

Dez Bryant was my must have, and it's working out great so far. I did have another must have, but was outbid for him and he ended up a big bust this season so I dodged a bullet with that one.

I don't know if it was a 'Had to have him' thing, but i was really excited about C.J. Spiller this year. Got him in almost every league. Obviously it has not worked out :kicksrock:

I only do one redraft league.

Here was my first 6 picks.....my have to haves.

Trent Richardson - so far.....massive bust. But.....I still believe (even more now with the Wayne injury) he will be featured a ton going forward coming out of the bye week.

Dez Bryant - STUD

Reggie Bush - STUD

Lamar Miller - Bust.....but man....when he touches the ball....things happen. This is on the coaching staff....they are clueless.

Jordy Nelson - STUD

Andrew Luck - Manning went right before I picked him.....I left Ryan on the board for him. So far....so so.

Cameron Jordan - snagged him in the 12th round as my sleeper special....so far...so good...but want to see more of his work from weeks 1-4

Picked up Andre Ellington who may save my season as well.

Current record 4-4 and gaining momentum!

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Not had to have's but here was my focus after taking best available first few rounds going Morris, AJ Green and Cruz from the 11 spot:

Was iffy with RB2 so had to have lottery tickets on RB's after selecting McFadden in the 4th.

Took Andre Brown (ughh - coulda been huge), Bryce Brown (hasn't panned out, cutting him this week) and Knowshon (BINGO). Didn't need all of them to hit, but I was focused on Knowshon and have him in both leagues.

I also had a strategy to only go after quality WR1's on their team (not necesarily FF WR1's). No WR2's or streaky WR3's who are impossible to predict with 100 and 2 one week and 18 yards the next.. With Wallace gone I targeted Antonio Brown in both leagues. He's been very solid as a WR3/4 type on my team. Also targeted Blackmon. Was deep enough I could stash him for 4 weeks and thought he was a huge talent. Still think he'll come on very strong.

I drafted Jordan Cameron in both leagues, and spent big FA money to get Julius Thomas.

Targeted Houston D - was very wrong on that one.

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For those who missed on guys...EG Julio.

You did not miss.

bad luck with injuries....that is not in your control. Actually none of this is LOL.

Vereen - Although he's been clogging up a roster spot since week 2, it's still too early to tell if this was a bad pick. If he's productive throughout the playoff weeks, I'll consider him a $$ pick.

Stafford - I drafted him in the mid rounds which had allowed me to load up on skill positions early. Beside a couple of stinker games, he's been a solid and trustworthy QB1

Dez - :wub: 'nuff said

I've always been more of a "go getta" than a "value shopper" during drafts and targeted predraft this year -


Calvin / Dez / Demaryius

Charles / McCoy

Gordon / Hilton

Lacy / B Brown

Got Brees, Calvin, Lacy, Gordon in one league, and

Brees, Charles, Demaryius, Gordon in another.

Both squads are 6-2 thx to hits at these four spots (plus waiver gold in Keenan Allen and Chiefs D).


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