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Hail damage - getting new roof, what questions should I have? (1 Viewer)


So we had a hail storm come through a couple weeks ago, nothing major, pea size with slightly larger mixed in. Storm chasing contractors have been running through our neighborhood but I won't deal with them. Had a reputable local roofer come out today and he told it indeed looks like there's enough damage for a replacement. It's an 18 year old roof.

Guy tells me to let my insurance know, and then once the adjuster is scheduled, let this guy know so he can come back out and work with the adjuster directly. Makes sense to me.

What I'm wondering is what do I need to be looking for with the new roof or what questions do I need to ask about how they are doing their work?
Notify your insurance company asap.

While you're waiting on them, get up there and take a million pictures - not just the damaged areas, but the entire roof (including vent systems, etc...). You don't have to share them all with your carrier, but more pictures are better than not enough.

Go for a complete replacement (including venting drip edge, boots, gutters, any upgrades to get it to current code, etc...). Have it taken down to sheathing and any rotted pieces replaced (you may have to pay out of your own pocket for this, but do it).

I would get the contractor to give me a quote before the adjuster comes up with his/her estimate (before they even talk to each other). That way, you have a measuring stick. Make sure both estimates are apples-for-apples. I have some experience with this due to my house flooding a few years ago and being in construction my whole life, so feel free to hit me up for any help or a second set of eyes.

Your roof is on the backend of its lifespan anyway, so this is going to be a boon in the long run. It's a PITA now and until it's done, but you'll have a new roof when all is over.
Ask about underlayment. A lot of roofers put down that crap stuff that’s one grade above tar paper. The thicker peel and stick stuff is worth every penny imo. Make sure quoted venting is adequate and to code or better.
I would also have the adjuster look around the house on the ground also. Is there hail damage on the fins of your air conditioner? On your trim around the windows? On your patio furniture? Etc……
I kind of alluded to this in my previous post, but I'm not sure having the adjuster and contractor working together is a great idea. I might also solicit estimates from more than one reputable roofing contractor.
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