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Has World War III begun and we just don't realize it yet? (1 Viewer)

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comfortably numb

World War:

"a war engaged in by all or most of the principal nations of the world"

Terrorists know they will never win a conventional war with troops on each side in a specific country or region as a battleground.

They have declared war on the west and many nations specifically.

Very few countries seem to be immune from Islamic Terrorists on their home soil.


-a lone gunman in Canada

-a coffee shop hostage situation in Australia


-London bus bombings

-Madrid train bombings

-Boko Haram dudes in Africa


-Philippines have lots of activity

Not to mention the many, many foiled terrorist threats all across the world.

These countries may not be sending planes and tanks to a battlefield but they are having to combat domestic terrorism with intelligence and eventual police/military force when dealing with a specific incident.

This is the type of war they can fight and have been fighting for decades.

This is the type of war, it seems like has become a reality for us and many nations going forward.

So, has the new WW3 begun or are all these terrorist attacks just incidents that may bring on a military conflict in another country for a short period of time?


There will never be a World War III. There might someday be a nuclear exchange (let's hope not) but never a war like the first two.

Well, you kind of answered your own question.

Individual countries trying to protect themselves from terrorism does not a world war make.

Which isn't to say it's not a huge issue. Like you said, there is no army or country to attack. It's thousands of small separate groups housed all over the world.

II > I >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> III.

  1. No, because there is no unified position against a common aggressor. In talk, yes, but in practice and execution, no.

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