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Help an Old Man with IPTV (1 Viewer)


I want to get rid of Verizon FioS.  I hate the boxes and remotes.  I hate the cost.  I hate the channels we don't use.  I'm computer savvy, but terrible with A/V stuff.

Internet access is very important.  We work from home, I've got kids on devices, and all our TVs are Smart TV, so I can access Netflix and whatever through the internet.

As far as TV content we do use, it's pretty much just me ... I like to watch basketball and football, the Golf Channel, and sometimes movie channels, TNT, TBS, etc.  I can do without pretty much everything else.

I have some friends that use Roku, IPTV and things like that.  They talk above my head.

What's the play here to get excellent Internet data access and the basic content I need? 

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dickey moe

I'd mainly like to figure out an easy way to record live content (especially sports) that doesn't require TIVO/DVR service with a contract.



I use Hulu live it has 5 of my local channels 1 of the regional sports channels plus fs1 espns and a couple more sports channels.  Then most of the cable channels.  I like it and the price isn't bad.



I did a trial of Hulu for about 8 hours.  I like Hulu, but hate the interface.  Scrolling to find the content is maddening.  So slow.  And not user friendly. 

Sling TV is next up.



An old man with IPTV?

Sounds like you need one of those prescription medicines advertised  with the 90 second warnings about side effects.


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