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Help me Three-Peat! (1 Viewer)


Very competitive, two decade old, 12 team dynasty league - ..5 PPR standard scoring  22 person rosters, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, K, DEF lineups 

Like most long term dynasty leagues, you can get extreme variance in roster strength that ebbs and flows.  After a three year rebuild, I won back to back and now I want to try for a third without trading too much more of my future.  

Current Roster

QB1 - vacant, QB2- Ryan/Dalton

RB Kamara, McCoy, Ingram, Collins, Burkhead, CJ Anderson, Abdullah

WR Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins,  Keelan Cole, DJAX, Dante Pettis & Dez

TE Gronk, Hunter Henry

K - Tucker

DEF - LA Chargers

I cannot make any waiver moves until after week one (moves are restricted, and the champ only gets one offseason move and I already used mine)

Only draft picks available for trade:  2019 2d, 2020 1st & 2d, 2021 1st & 2d (cant trade picks more than three years in the future, and rookie draft is only 2 rounds for playoff teams).

Question 1:  I think the roster has two weaknesses... QB1 (a perennial weakness) and TE2 (thanks to Henry's injury).  Do you agree that those are the weaknesses or should I be focusing elsewhere?

Question 2:  For each weakness, what assets would you use to solve each weakness?  

A.  Sit tight and use the waiver wire... if so which player(s) would you drop: Dez, DJAX or Abdullah?  (I am a Bengals fan and wont drop Dalton)

Best Available FA 

TE - Trey Burton (probably will be gone before then), Ebron

QB - Flacco, Josh Allen, Sam Bradford


B.  Trade the following players/picks to help your weakness at _______ and the ideal targets at that price would be _______

Its tough to say because I have no idea how your league trades or values players.  Try and work trades if possible and then work waivers as necessary.


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