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Helping fixing QB issues (1 Viewer)


I waited to take QB, and felt pretty good about ending up with Daniel Jones and Geno Smith. I thnk after watching tonight, Daniel Jones is a bust.

Available options on the waiver wire are Baker Mayfield, CJ Stroud, Russell Wilson, Sam Howell, and Kyler Murry. Scoring is 6 points for ANY TD, 1 point per 20 passing, 1 point per 10 rushing.

Please rank the available QB's to replace Jones for the remainer of the year. Thanks!
I think you have to get out of the "rest of year" thinking. Stream and play the matchups. And, if one of them that you picked up hits, THEN you decide to just keep that player for the remainder of the season. But why not stick with Geno for now? He's got weapons and a decent schedule?

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