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High Class Worry - Birthday Gifts (1 Viewer)


Well, hell, I thought that was a pretty good gift idea...  a special treat, within your dollar range, that you generally wouldn't get every week, or every month, for that matter.  How was I supposed to know you're allergic to shellfish?!?
Hey, I bookmarked the page - they look awesome - thanks!



Hey, I bookmarked the page - they look awesome - thanks!
Cool.  When I lived in Boston and still had my Piper Cherokee, I would fly down to Nantucket in-season to get fresh Nantucket Bay Scallops from Sayles...  pretty much fresh off the boat.  They have great seafood.  And they'll ship anything they have, fresh, anywhere in the U.S., by FedEx overnight.  You just have to call them and ask.  Their link to "online ordering" is definitely NOT a complete list of what they'll ship.  They will ship anything they have.  You just have to call!  Enjoy!!

ETA:  Here's a pretty good blurb about Nantucket bay scallops, for those unfamiliar with this delicacy:  https://www.brownetrading.com/species-spotlight/bay-scallops-from-nantucket/

And Sayle's sea scallops are second to none, as well.  Georges Bank Sea Scallops are sugar sweet, naturally, with a firm texture unlike the processed scallops which tend to be jelly-like. These sea scallops caramelize perfectly in the pan for a stunning plate presentation.

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