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Historically High Scoring Week 1? (1 Viewer)


I was crunching some numbers in my 12 team Re-Draft. We're in our 13th year, so have a lot of history to look back through. For discussions purposes, we are 6 pt per passing TD, PPR, and start 1 QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1K/1DST.

This week, at 137.49, is our 2nd highest average score in league history, behind only 2011 Week 2 (143 pts).

We had 3 teams go over 170 pts for the first time in League History (172, 180, 185). There were only 5 instances of 2 teams going over 170 in league history, and only 1 other instance of two teams over 180 (an epic 2009 matchup that went 205.30 to 204.88, 2 of the top 5 scores in league history.)

That average up top was dragged down by one team completely ####ting the bed and dropping a 78, which is historically bad as well.

So my question is -- did most of you see this throughout your long-time leagues as well? Scoring way up overall? Have any teams put up some historically huge numbers? Or are all of the good players just stuck on 3 teams in this league?

Just thought it was interesting -- and is it a sign of things to come for 2013, or just a fluke?

Great post. I felt the same way for my league. Turns out that compared to the past 2 years, this year's week 1 was a monster.

2011 and 2012 had a total of 3 teams topping 150 points in week 1. 2013 saw 4! 2 of those teams topped 170!

2011's average score was 121.

2012's average score was 113 (dragged down by a hilariously awful score of 58 by one team).

2013's average score was 133!

Have to imagine a lot of other leagues saw a boost here, as well. Obviously we will all have different scoring systems and such, but this was a blowout of a week.

:shrug: In our 16-team dynasty league, we only had two teams crack the top-25 all-time scores this week - and we added 0.5 PPR this year.

An uncharacteristically high volume of production from tight ends--and ones that were very likely in people's lineups--certainly helped. QB production was very steady, too. Of the top 12 by ADP, only Wilson and Cam failed to get at least 2 TDs (and Wilson still racked up 300+ yards), and fringe starters Eli and Vick put up great numbers.

Our leagues highest week 1 ever by 8 pts per game avg with a team setting a new record for the lowest score of 59(Avg was 170 for all 16 teams). That was 12 lower than 2nd and 31 behind 3rd lowest.

I did not check all time. Too much work

I'm in a dynasty in its 4th year, and one team broke the league record for most points in a week. Of course, it was the team I was playing against <_<

Most all scores seemed much higher than normal, but I haven't run any numbers to verify.

Actually, I guess I should add that the league record I posted above wasn't a Peyton owner, but Stafford. Just a roster full of guys who had really good days.

Pretty sure I heard that there were more TDs thrown week 1 than any other week in NFL history.
Yes, this was announced during the Texans-Chargers game last night. More passing touchdowns this weekend than any other. Unfortunately, they didn't say anything about overall touchdowns, so it's possible that there were just fewer rushing scores to offset the overall.

Our previous record high for points scored by a single team was 168 (9th year of the league).

This week a team scored 178 despite having Victor Cruz on the bench...


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