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How many drops did Braylon have yesterday? (1 Viewer)

i watched the game and i saw atleast 4. Most was catchable although one of the was kinda behind him over a route over the middle.

I sure hate to see my boy regress from last year. He was force fed the ball though.

He's the equivalent of a kicker with half a leg. If a WR doesn't have hands, he is useless. I wouldn't throw him the ball anymore. Awful.

unofficially 3...18 on the year
Geez, he has killed me this year. I lost Brady, Romo, Colston, Burelson, Galloway, etc. this year and I also felt like I lost another top 5 WR this year in Edwards. I can't remember how many game threads on here that I checked and saw "Edwards dropped a sure long TD" littered in every game. It seems like if he caught the balls this year he caught last year he would be near the top again.I hope he figures it out because he was my best keeper going into the year (13th round for a top WR) and I need to know if I should cut bait or not since it isn't dynasty so only 3 keepers per team.Did he have this many drops last year? All I remember last year is highlights of Edwards and Winslow making DA look fantastic with great grabs.
(Rotoworld) Braylon Edwards caught five passes for 85 yards in a Week 12 loss to the Texans.Analysis: If you can believe it, Edwards was targeted an amazing 17 times. He had at least five drops of very catchable passes and looked lackadaisical in his cuts. The Browns' QB change might have hurt his focus some, but there's no excuse for the way Braylon played Sunday. He could have had well over 150 yards receiving and at least one touchdown, yet settled for mediocrity and the Browns fell to 4-7 on the season.
I think Edwards and Bowe made a bet before the season to see who could frustrate their owners more.


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