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How much faab on Chubb? (1 Viewer)


.5 pt ppr league starting 2rb3wr1flex. I have 60 budget out of 100 left. I’m thinking spend all of it.

my rb roster: saquon, Ingram, Coleman, j Howard, l Miller, linsay

my wr: Thielen, julio, Fuller, Godwin

I'm hesitant to say he is worth 60%, but I do think he will be very good when game script doesnt take the ball out of his hands and favor Duke Johnson as the pass catcher. I'd personally only bid 30-40%, but I finish every year with money left so what do I know? Haha.

I play golf today.  Come back and hey, Hyde is traded.  Go online to grab Chubb who I had stashed for 2 weeks but needed the roster spot and my nephew already grabbed him.  It's the quick and the losers in my league.


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