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How much is too much for DJ? (1 Viewer)


I’ve been offered DJ, Josh Allen (who I’ll drop), OJ Howard, and Gesicki for Drake, Mike Evans, Olsen, Ware

ppr dynasty

rb: Miller, Ajayi, Drake, clement, foreman, ekeler, allen

wr: AB, Evans, Cobb, MJones, Parker, Allison

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I do it in a heartbeat and kind of wonder why he's even offering you that deal.

DJ is a stud in PPR.  He had a fluke injury to the wrist that should be fine and he's only 26 years old.  

I do this trade now before the other guy changes his mind.

Ok, Olsen is ranked 6th TE in dynasty and Howard is ranked 7th, so that is a wash.  Ware has almost no current dynasty value and Gesicki was a later 2d round pick in rookie drafts, so slight advantage to you there.

So really it is Evans plus Drake for DJ.

On this page, Drake is ranked #48 overall for dynasty, DJ is ranked 8th and Evans is ranked 11th.  You can argue with anyone's rankings, but the consensus FBG rankings do give us something close to current market value.  

So would I trade a late 4th to move up three slots in the 1st to solve a significant gap in my roster, yeah, I am down for that.  

THAT SAID... AB is ranked higher than Evans but a lot older... I think I would first counter with AB + Miller + Olsen + Ware for DJ + Howard + Gesicki.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did pull the trade and of course am having post-trade doubts. I guess it probably comes down to whether Drake breaks out this year or not. At the end of the day, I now have 2 of the top 5 STUDS which feels better than having 1 and a bunch of guys I'm not real excited about. Will probably blow this team up next year and draft around DJ, AB and my young TEs.


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