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How special do you think the 2018 RB class will end up? (1 Viewer)


There seems to be a popular theme of “RB’s don’t matter” narrative leading into this season and it being pressed even forward with the success of the rookies of this class. My question is, isthis a flash in the pan or is this something everyone thinks will have 3-5 year success or longer? Here is how I see this class right now:

Boom: Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Philip Lindsay, Kerryon Johnson, Josh Adams, Gus Edwards, Nyheim Hines (excelling in satellite back role)

Withholding judgement/flashed athleticism at times: Rashaad Penny, Royce Freeman, Kalen Ballage, Jaylen Samuels, Mike Boone, Trenton Cannon, Justin Jackson, Chase Edmunds, Jordan Wilkins, Ito Smith

Bust: Ronald Jones (still only 21 years old, probably a new coaching staff next season).

Hurt: Derrius Guice

If this was a decade ago we probably couldn’t shut up about how great this class looks for the long term. I’m just wondering if the feeling toward this class is trending toward that sort of consensus after a relatively slow start to the fantasy season?

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It's a great class, very underrated class but not as good as the 2017 class. Definitely some excellent value after Barkley.



Justin Jackson so hot this week you listed him twice - pretty Sweet hype for a 7th rounder

Lindsay not Lindsey - NBD, made that mistake for weeks myself

The first 5 look like LT solutions for each of their teams but health is a huge factor, hard to predict



2018 is still great class (same with 2017) but not on the same par as seen in 2008 class (McFadden, Stewart, CJ2K, Forte, Mendenhall, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Slaton, and Kevin Smith)



Not ready to call Josh Adams or Gus Edwards "booms" just yet.

Not ready to call Ronald Jones a "bust" just yet either.
I’d agree with that. I mean boom/bust in the context of this season. Long term I think the jury is probably still out on most. I just think it’s blossomed into a super deep RB class. 


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