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How to do a Spoiler tag (works on browser, not sure on moibile) (1 Viewer)


If anyone knows a better way, please post it. If not... to do a spoiler tag, at least in a browser, don't know about on mobile:

Change these contents to your own

Highlight the above spoiler tag.  You might want to include the blank line above and below. Click the box that appears to "Quote selection" and it will appear in the reply box.

Now in your reply, mouse-over the "Reveal hidden contents" box and a little box will appear on its top left with a plus in it. Click on that and hit Control-C.  Now go to the thread you want to put a spoiler into your post and Control-V to paste it in there.  

It appears but with the contents from this one in it.   After saving your post, then edit your post and you can change the contents of the spoiler box to whatever you want.   

Once you have a post of your own with a spoiler tag, you could edit the post, change the spoiler contents and then copy it for pasting, and cancel the edit.

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Still playing with it, but   Once you paste, you can grab the spoiler box and drag it outside of the quote to put it on it's own. 

Changed these contents to my own
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There's a button for inline spoilers

three dots next to font color icon, then far right icon that looks like a mask

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