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Hyde or MD Jennings (GB) a good play this week? (1 Viewer)


Just wondering if you would consider either one of these guys a good play vs Dallas this week or just avoid them both?

Hyde appears to be getting more PT while Jennings might be getting benched.


Hyde has been giving some sneaky good stats lately.

jennings is radioactive

check my snaps thread for some commentary on both those guys

I was pimpin' hyde, so I'll give him another shot, at risk of jinxing again -- just picked him back up in 2 leagues, but you gotta be getting return yardage

Kool- Yeah we get pretty good stats on returns and yardage, which values Hyde more.

Jennings has an ideal matchup, but how much he plays is anyone's guess now. I would guess by "radioactive" you mean stay away?

Maybe i bench em both and just go with another LB like Suggs, or DE like Brockers. Suggs at least plays monday night which is at least intruiging.

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yeah, I don't have any particular insight, but it's hard to trust a guy when you have no idea what his involvement is going to be, so I'd be avoiding jennings, personally


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