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I hate WADE PHIILIPS (1 Viewer)

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Wow that sucks..... but it was the right call nonetheless.
Why is it the right call that 2 point sheet is effing stupid
Well I believe there was over 2 minutes left at the time. A two point conversion puts the Cowboys up by 14.If the Giants somehow manage a quick TD and recover an onside kick... another TD would only tie the game at that point.I think deep down you know it was the right move. Sorry that you lost your playoff game because of it.I mean that really sucks.
You're supposed to go for 2 when up by 12. It was the right move. Don't blame Pillips for your loss and don't mix up real football with fantasy football.

1-10-MIN 19 :-)01) (No Huddle) 7-M.Leinart pass short left to 11-L.Fitzgerald to MIN 7 for 12 yards (50-E.Henderson).


Fitz doesn't catch this I win as well. :moneybag:

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