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Ideas for good card/gaming table? (1 Viewer)


So my family of 5 has started playing cards and board games (ticket to ride for example) together. Curious if anyone has a great card/gaming table that they would recommend and find comfortable? As it stands now, we play on a low to the ground table that while fine for the kids but very uncomfortable for adults after sitting long period. Any suggestions? 

Ask your wife to buy one. She cares more about the aesthetic value and will make a better choice for your household.

On a completely unrelated note; anyone want to buy a set of lightly used chairs?

A nice poker table can serve many purposes. 
This.  We have a pool table in our basement and I bought a topper for it: Topper    It works great for poker and all sorts of gaming.  

I looked into all the those expensive game tables prior to finding that and just couldn’t justify the $2K+.  

If you don’t have a pool table, a collapsible poker table or a topper for a regular table would be what I recommend.  

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