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I'm Benching Brian Westbrook For ... (1 Viewer)

I really wish the guy I played in one league had benched him. I will now peruse the "I'm out of the playoffs" thread.

Nah, I drafted Hillis in the 2nd round of a re-draft league this year as I'm a Denver homer, so I knew him a little bit more then my leaguemates. I knew he would payoff come fantasy playoff time, so I am really excited I had that foresight.

Westy's statline for this week: 34 rushing yards, 3 receptions for 18 receiving yards; PPR fantasy points = 8.3
your foresight is incredible... I remember you saying MJD would never be a top 15 back again in his whole career after his rookie season.Keep the comedy coming

i play in two big $ redrafts ... only had Westbrook one time .... and he was outstanding.

when he's healthy, he is the absolute BEST fantasy player out there ... in PPR leagues, it's not even close. :goodposting:

I benched him for LT and Turner. :unsure: Still won. Westie should not sniff my bench the next two weeks so temper your expectations.


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