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I'm desperate for a WR2 and/or TE1...should I overpay or sit tight? (1 Viewer)


Yahoo 12 team, .5 PPR
I'm 1-1


Patrick Mahomes KC - QB
Ben Roethlisberger Pit - QB

Melvin Gordon III LAC - RB
Christian McCaffrey Car - RB
Joe Mixon Cin - RB
LeSean McCoy Buf - RB
James Conner Pit - RB
Matt Breida SF - RB

Corey Davis Ten - WR
Alshon Jeffery Phi - WR
Josh Gordon NE - WR
Will Fuller V Hou - WR
Quincy Enunwa NYJ - WR

Jesse James Pit - TE

Sam Ficken LAR - K
Cleveland Cle - DEF

As you can see I'm loaded at RB (but vulnerable: Conner, McCoy, etc.) and have been trying to flip that depth for a stud WR2 or TE1 but I'm getting no counters or rejected outright! The only people I haven't offered up are Mahomes, MG3, and McCaffrey (I almost refuse to trade them).

Do I have to sit tight to see what Gordon and Alshon can give me? Or overpay. What do you think is a ballpark WR to ask for Mixon, Conner, etc just to make sure I'm not crazy. Do I pull the trigger and offer MG3 or CMC for a true WR1? 

The thing that doesn't help is everyone is 1-1 right now. No one is desperate...yet. Am I sitting better than I think?

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You are better off than you think. I would think you would be able to move Conner for a borderline wr1/wr2 player. The problems with the te's is scarcity of top options. Unless you had somebody stockpiling bodies no one will want to downgrade. Do not trade Mixon.

McCoy, Conner, and Brieda can be moved in my book. I don't like mccoy this season, simply because no on is going to fear the bills pass attack. McCoy may still have some name brand recognition and you might be able to fetch wr1/2. Conner is a hold for me. He will get huge volume every week until bell returns, likely week 10. even when bell returns you will be in good shape. Mixon is a hold. Brieda has shown well but is sharing a backfield with morris. If you can fetch good value for him don't be afraid to trade him. 


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