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***Indy(5-3) at Tennessee(6-2) +1 (49) TNF*** (1 Viewer)

Pretty sure derrick can get half a yard

I guess Jonnu can too

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How is Taylor supposed to show anything when they shift him and Wilkins back and forth in the game so much? No chance to build any momentum or confidence. 
He looked good on several plays leading up to the TD. But Hines is clearly the better receiver. Might be like Henry. He  won't really shine till they give him the ball 20-25 times a game. And he's still not decisive on his one cuts into the hole. 

Fun Fact: Jonathan Taylor is among the worst RBs in the league at breaking tackles and making defenders miss.

EDIT: That's not a TD, I thought the elbow was down.

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Ravens stuffed Colts on a big 4th down last week

On both sides of the ball they’ve got speed but a bit lacking in size and toughness 

Spread it out and keep Hines in the package as he has been great tonight. This way you have options, not use your weakest option.

Titans really needed to get a nice long drive going and instead Colts are going to get the ball again so they can come up with new ways to squander more points. 

Tennessee in a terrible spot now, they can't stay on the field on offense and they have a Punter who kicked it 17 yds and then blocked for a TD. 

I don't see how they can attempt a Punt the rest of the entire game. 

I don't know what happened to the play calling but they absolutely must get a strike down the field, Davis or AJB or whoever but they gotta stretch the defense out and right now they seem to have forgotten about the WRs all together. 

Lost in the punt block but that third down showed Tannehill’s limitations when defenses don’t have to fear the play action 

The Tennessee O really doesn't air it out; they're a very ball control, pound the run and play-action off it offense. The one time they do go pass heavy is negative game script like they are in now.

Lost in the punt block but that third down showed Tannehill’s limitations when defenses don’t have to fear the play action 
Look for Tanny to force more throws to Jonnu and A.J. due to them having the ability to bail him out. With the time remaining I could see them still running with Henry doe...

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... I'm stunned that wasn't roughing the passer. Dude dipped the helmet into Tanny's chest and landed full body weight on him.

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