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First off, I just finished watching Bama vs. Aggies. It was as good as I expected, maybe even better.. btw If your all about IDP, and would like to post about an offensive player in the future. (The guys name is Mike Evans) The only downside I seen was that he may not be a ballerina in regards to keeping both ft in-bounds in the EZ (all about the ball and making the catch)

Now I would suspect that we have all had a man-crush on a player who as it turns out (spends time on the dreaded not-active list) The current player for me personally might be S. Weatherspoon.

I will be honest and admit the reason (logic) behind my suspicion, revolves around viewing the tag questionable earlier in the wk. At the time I was reviewing the performance stats of some rookies, and possible players to add/drop if Spoon was declared Out. fwiw Im only carrying Bostic in reserve.

So anyway, what has been a good rule of thumb, criteria, etc. that has lead you to drop your Stud LB1/LB2?

Is it as simple as finding a LB that some may believe, is in the same tier (or close) when it comes to a Monday night game (questionable) and/or Would you say your more apt to drop your possible home-run player on Offense/Defense ie. maybe Bostic is a luxury I cant afford..

p.s. I might have already made one bad choice earlier in the Season. I chose to drop D. Washington. Im not happy w the performance drop Ive seen in some players following a PED suspension. I was also concerned with possible changes in the Defense not to mention owning the Honey Badger (bye week)


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