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Insurance help needed (1 Viewer)


Are there any insurance guys here? Need some help. We had an adjuster (wind) come out last week and assess our damage. We had a ton of wind driven stuff happen particularly our picket fence and kids play set got knocked over. The adjuster is coming back tonight to get our statement (whatever that is) about flooding in our area. When I questioned him about it he said his inside adjuster thinks the damage is from flooding. I told him he has lost his damn mind that minimal flooding doesnt cause that damage.

Anyone want to give me some tips about how I address this with him and basically tell him to eff off it was wind damage.

Thanks in advance

If high water knocked over your stuff I would imagine there would be a debris line(leaves, sticks, mud line) on any standing items that would show how far the water rose.  

If that isnt present I would  think the burden of proof would be on the insurance company to show it was water related 


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