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Interesting League Side Pots/Bets (1 Viewer)

Does anyone have any interesting side pots in your league? I want to add something new to ours. Currently we have highest RB score, highest WR, and highest QB score. We also have most fantasy points scored against.

Anything interesting rules/payouts you guys would like to share to make my league more fun?

I have two side bets for the years total points in one league. I usually offer h2h points for any week if I like my odds vs anyone who usually side bets.

Right after our draft we usually make a side bet for the X after round Y who will score the most points. Last year it was RB after round 8 I believe. It adds a little something extra to our season.

We have a progressive pot in our league fees where we pay out throughout the season for hitting the following types of goals:

  • Highest Team score in League history
  • Top 5 Team score in League history
  • Highest Player score in League history
  • Top 5 Player score in League history
  • Highest Player score at the end of the season
We pay out a % of the progressive pot and we build the pot through a portion of our entry fees.

I make some random bets with people in my league about production of certain players. Some of the bets I have include

Ryan Mathews > Mark Ingram in fantasy points

Vincent Brown > 1000yds

and my favorite

one team gets drinks paid for him for a weekend if he goes 14-0

arrest pot. our league is an extra $10 to arrest pool. team with arrested player( in season) collects. rolls over year to year if necessary. Michael Turner hit big for the perienial last place team last year.

Dynasty - I have in three separate leagues have traded all of my picks for another player's pick in the next draft. I have won on all three occasions.

For years in one of my money leagues, I've wanted to change the rules so that the first four playoff spots were awarded based on team record and the final two were for sale to the highest bidder (real money), but no one else seems all that interested.

I think it's a pretty smart idea, personally. It ensures that the best teams make the playoffs (because nobody is going to bid their way into the playoffs unless they think their team is good enough to win), and could potentially increase the total prize pool pretty substantially. It also makes for some interesting strategic decisions. If I have a fantastic team who missed the playoffs due to a slow start or some bad schedule luck, and the prize pool is $1000, how much do I bid for a playoff spot? Each team, on average, will have a 1-in-6 chance of taking the pot, leading to an EV of $167. If my team is extra good, maybe I'm willing to bid $200. If my team is crappy, maybe I bid $50, hope no one else loves their team, and then try to catch a few lucky breaks during the playoffs.

Like I said, none of my league mates what anything to do with it, because they don't like the idea of playoff spots being awarded to whoever will pay the most instead of whoever is most deserving. I don't mind that at all, because it's just more money for the eventual champion.

Only two side bets going right now.

10:1 for the Pats to be in the AFC Championship.
1:1 that Rivers will finish ahead of Weedon.

We have a progressive going...it's a 12 team league and each owner puts in a dollar a week for each week of the regular season. It will pay out when one team has all ten of their starting players score 10+ points all in the same week. Hasn't happened yet in the past 6 years, but we've had a couple close ones...getting 9 out of 10 players. The pot's just building and building, and now it's bigger than our end of year payouts.

We started one last year - the owner who can get the maximum efficiency out of his team over the course of the season gets $50. Even if your team sucks you have a chance to win.


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