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Is a sack always a full tackle? (1 Viewer)


Question regarding official NFL stats. I was always under the impression that a sack is always registered as a full/solo tackle as well. So for instance, in our IDP league, we score sacks as 5 points and solo tackles at 1 pt to make sacks worth 6 points Assisted tackles are .5 and half sacks are 2.5.

Last weekend Chandler Jones got credit for a full sack, but no solo tackle. He got 3 assisted tackles. I thought for sure stat corrections would adjust it, but those have come and gone and it's still like that. I didn't watch the replay of the game yet to see what happened, but if he didn't get credit for a solo tackle, his owner is missing some points. It doesn't matter right now, but I'd hate to see a season tie breaker end up being decided on something so close. Plus if it's possible to get a sack and not a solo tackle, our league scoring is wrong. Thoughts on this?

Yes it is. Chandler jones probably had 2 half sacks and one assisted tackle on the day. This would give him a stat line of 0-3-1 on the day.

ah, ok, that would make sense.

*edit - good call. Just went back and checked the game logs. 2 split sacks. Thanks!


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