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is fanball down for you? (1 Viewer)

Suggestion: during important times like pre-game and drafts, it would save time if we just posted when Fanball was up.

Can access league no problem, but live scoring isn't working. Just hangs up loading.
Yeah, me too.Every year the first 1-3 weeks are terrible at Fanball. I am guessing a lot teams bail, get their refunds and that frees up bandwith for the rest of us. :excited:
Yep. Live scoring came up somewhere in the first quarter of the games and died before most of the games came back from halftime. Nada since.

Fanball might be the worst service in the history of ever. They are pathetic - repeated issues, incapatability with the hugely predominant browser for live drafts, drafts that freeze and a sight that you cant access when it matters most.

What a disaster of a company ,and won't likely be around long. Hope we move our league with a quickness.

From messing up our live drafts to being down last week 1/2 hr before opening kickoff - Fanball has been a total piece of crap this season

Seems to be working for me now, but I did have access issues before gametime, and Live Scoring issues off and on throughout the day. Was using the mobile on my cell phone, so I don't know if that is on it's own server or if it shares it's issues with the main live scoring.

If I can convince my league (and maybe even if I can't) I will be moving the league to MyFantasyLeague next season. I've been a big supporter of Fanball, but everyone get's tired of this eventually. None of the people that seemed to care even work for Fanball anymore since they've been sold twice in the last few years.


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