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Is this the best week of football so far this year? (1 Viewer)


So many great games to watch this week:

San Francisco vs Miami
Can Tua and the Cheetah overcome that Defense? Which Jimmy G shows up today? NFC up and coming powerhouse versus a surprisingly strong Miami team, challenging for the AFC title.

Minnesota vs the J=E=T=S
2nd place in the NFC versus a rejuvenated Mike F'ing White led Jets team. WIththe LT out, how does Cousins look against the swarming D of Saleh?

CLE has the return of D Watson, versus the Texans. How badly does Watson want to win this game? How does he look with 17 months of rust? Everyone wants to know.

Philly vs TEN. Can King Henry put this team on his shoulders and keep them alive? Philly, at 10-1 is almost in a must-win scenario, to keep the Christmas Dallas game from being the title game for the NFCE, and maybe home field throughout.

Packers vs Bears. Can FIelds make a statement that Rodgers no longer owns the Bears? Could be a franchise turning point for Da Bears.

WAS vs NYG, The entire NFCE would make the playoffs, if the season ended today. Who is for real? The Heineken Commanders or Saquon Giants?

Chiefs vs Bengals? Are you kidding me? take the over.

It's a great day to be a football fan.
Great week plus England in the World Cup in the other football. Excitement level elevated.

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