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Jairus Byrd Hold Out, Value? (1 Viewer)


Bills GM Doug Whaley says there's "nothing new" with holdout franchise player Jairus Byrd.
"We hope he gets in here before the season opener," Whaley said. "But only he can tell us on that one." League rules prevent the sides from striking a long-term agreement before the offseason, so there's little negotiating to be done. Byrd's lone "leverage" is insisting on a clause that the Bills not franchise him again in 2014. Avoiding injury in the preseason, it would be surprising if Byrd didn't report before Week 1

so is he worth rostering?
Also inactive for the Bills are K Dustin Hopkins, CB Stephon Gilmore, CB Ron Brooks, OT Sam Young, WR Marquise Goodwin and TE Chris Gragg.

guess hes playing this week

Nevermind, roto re-updated it

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports Bills FS Jairus Byrd (feet, inactive for Week 5) will return in Week 6.
Specifically, RapSheet says to "bank on it." Many observers are surprised Byrd isn't returning for Thursday night's game against the Browns, but he's living up to his word of not suiting up before he's 100 percent.

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