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shake zula

Is James Mungro worth anything? Does he have any chance to beat out Rhodes or whoever they bring in?

I've seen him play just a few times. Mungro seems to have decent hands and good speed. What the deal with his chance of making an impact?

Nope, I don't think he's rostered in any of my three Zealots leagues, which have 53-man rosters (8 starting IDPs though). I was the last person to own him in one of the leagues, and dropped him about 1.5 years ago. He's worth more in real life to the Colts than he is in fantasy.

Colts will add a good RB in some way, most likely the draft, which drops Mungro back to third string and occasional goal line duty.

Rhodes had 11 carries one week and 10 the last two weeks when everything was clinched. He had 19 carries in the other 10 weeks, 3 he ws inactive. Dungy didn't exactly show alot of confidence in him.

He certainly didn't show any more confidence in Mungro. It's just, come september, we're 5 years away from when he had 1100 yards and was a featured back. That's a long long time in the NFL. Rhodes is hardly a lock and because of that Mungro, Chapman, or some rook has an outside shot at winning the job in camp.

PLUS IIRC since he was a featured back he's had major surgery on his knee. I don't like it when a player gets used far less after reconstructive surgery. I understand it was because Edge returned but it sends up flares just the same.

If the Colts don't draft an RB in day one of the draft, I'm giving the Colts an F in their draft automatically. That ought to tell you what I think of Mungro's fantasy value.

Colts will add a good RB in some way, most likely the draft, which drops Mungro back to third string and occasional goal line duty.
i agree with this. possibly Laurence Maroney will drop for them in round #1.
if you happen to own him in a dynasty i'd trade him now while he has 1oz of value and before they take maroney or trade up in the 2nd to get addai

While most draft experts are under the impression that the Colts must take a running back with their first-round pick (30th overall), Polian says that he isn't sure if he'll go that route.

Indianapolis lost the franchise's all-time leading rusher during the off-season as Edgerrin James signed a free-agent contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The Colts have, however, retained the services of backups Dominic Rhodes and James Mungro.

Rhodes, who rushed for over 1,000 yards (1,104) as an undrafted rookie in 2001 when James was sidelined with a knee injury, is currently listed first on the Indianapolis depth chart and will probably remain there as the team heads into spring and summer mini-camps.

"He (Rhodes) is one (running back)," Polian said recently. "Do we need another one? Probably. Is it going to come in the first round? I don't know. There are players down below that we like probably as much as guys we like in the first round. But I fully expect that whoever comes in is going to play and play well.

"Dominic Rhodes gained 1,000 yards when he played full-time," Polian said. "There's every reason to believe he'll continue to gain 1,000 to 1,200 yards when he plays full-time. That's why we've re-signed him. It's not that he doesn't have a track record. He's done it before."


I think every year before the draft FF players assume the best RB's available in the draft will land on the NFL roster with the greatest need for a RB but I'm not sure that's the case all that often. Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, Chris Perry, Willis McGahee, Cedric Benson to name a few were drafted early by teams that didn't have the greatest need for a RB.

There's been talk this offseason of sliding Marlin Jackson from CB to S which would leave one to believe Dungy isn't completely happy with the DB play from last season. Add to that Nick Harper is already raising a stink about his contract and it wouldn't surprise me to see IND go DB early in the draft. They lost both Thornton and Tripplett so it also wouldn't shock me if a DL or LB that slides further than expected is drafted by IND. Manning also didn't seem happy with his OL after the PIT loss in the playoffs and it's pretty clear based on the Wayne contract what Manning wants Manning gets so OL is certainly in the realm of possibility. It's much less of a lock than most people think that IND drafts RB early.

I think they end up with a few RB's but my guess they are lower profile than most people are thinking. Maybe a day 2 RB and a guy along the lines of a Shipp, W.Green, A.Peterson type player that has zero opportunity in his current situation but has shown some skills.


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