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Jason Elam - Questionable (1 Viewer)

It's kind of anti-news, but there is zero buzz on this in Atlanta and, with our woes with kickers over the last few years, we'd be hearing about it if it was serious. That's only my take on it, but I would have no issues starting Elam if I were an owner.

This article was posted 8 hours ago on yahoo, no indication when the interviews were done, but again, no indication from Elam that there's an issue.


He is listed under the starters on their website that has the inactives and starters for today's game.


Great....I thought this was a non issue, but you never know. Waiver wire is closed due to the Thursday game so my choicees are either Elam or Elam. This is one Fantasy question I can ask my wife for advice.

Just found a falcons.com message board and the moderator who is at the game, say Elam was making fg's with no problem out to 55 yds during pregame warmups and showed no signs of anything wrong. Guess I will roll with him, just hope its something that doesn't get reaggravated, but I assume the Falcons would show a little more nerves about it if it was.


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