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jet coaches besides Mangini (1 Viewer)


NEW YORK JETS-Named Richie Anderson assistant wide receivers coach, Bryan Cox assistant defensive line coach, Mike Devlin assistant offensive line coach, Andy Dickerson coaches assistant, Jim Herrmann linebackers coach, Noel Mazzone wide receivers coach, Jason Michael offensive quality control, Brett Bech and Rick Lyle assistant strength & conditioning coaches, Jimmy Raye running backs coach, Brian Schottenheimer offensive coordinator, Bob Sutton defensive coordinator and Tony Wise offensive line coach.


I thought it was interesting he'd be the D-line coach not LBer coach. Same with Richie as a WR coach.

I'm shocked Sam Gash isn't the RB coach anymore. I saw nothing of him being fired and had heard he had done very well.

Man, the Jets are gonna suck for 3 straight years, and Eric Mangini is going to be looking like the young, unprepared coach FORMERLY of some really great teams with a really great QB and some clutch players that clearly made a HORRIBLE decision. They are in big trouble, no matter who the coaches are, and we all know it.


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