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Jim Harbaugh vs Patrick Mahomes or How the West was Won (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

This thread is going to get a lot of bumps throughout the next 2-3 years
Both of these folks bring a lot of experience and tenacity
One has 3 Lombardi Trophies and multiple SB MVPs, the other has competed in a Super Bowl only to lose to his brother and has won a Nat Title in '23-'24

-I'm looking forward to the chess match and I apologize to the Broncos and Raiders but you are way behind the 8-ball right now.
Both the Chiefs and Chargers know who their QB is for the next many years and it's gonna take a while for LV and Den to catch up if they even can

-I realize the title is gonna ruffle some feathers but I promise this match up is going to be one of the top stories over the next several seasons.
I have confidence Harbaugh will quickly establish himself but until he knocks off Mahomes and Reid in the playoffs, it's all just noise
The Bolts have one goal right now, rise to the top of the West so they can advance in the Playoffs.
Tea leaves see a showdown in Los Angeles during the Playoffs in the next couple seasons.
Join me as an NFL fan in cheering this rivalry on, it's going to be a dominant headline I feel in social media as well as the sports networks

-If Pierce or Sean Payton do push their teams ahead of both of these, I will gladly tip my cap and start a new thread but right now they are a distant 3rd and 4th IMHO
Oh they will get some regular season victories here and there, rivalry games matter but when January rolls around, doubtful we see either.

-I will not argue with Denver and Vegas fans, you're welcome to do the usual MoP is the devil posts, won't come over the top of you guys. I feel bad for you, seriously.

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