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Jinx your players in this thread!! (1 Viewer)


This is the thread where you can jynx your players.  Why?  Because there is no such thing as a jinx!  So, in here because I started the thread and my success in FF has come from BELIEVING IN my players, focusing on the positive outcomes and scenarios rather than some negative spell that is activated by a simple thought of positivity.  There is nothing more phony.  So with that, list your players projections this weekend.  I'm in too many leagues to list them all, so I will just roll with my 1 chance at $200k in a high stakes league.

Russell Wilson: 240 passing 2 TDs, 50 rushing 2 TD

Todd Gurley:  135 rushing 2 TDs, 6/50/1

James White:  50 rushing, 7/80/1

TY Hilton:  7/130/3

Tyreek Hill:  -5 rushing, 4/46

David Njoku:  9/120/1

Jarvis Landry: 6/90/1

Theo Riddick:  20 rushing, 8/65/2

PK:  who cares

DEF:  who cares

Why tempt fate? Beliefs aside. Why would you do this? Don’t take unnessary chances. Especially when youre doing well enough to make the postseason. Go help the elderly or underprivileged. Do some nervous housecleaning. Almost anything would be better than this.

Why not? Mahomes already underwhelmed. Can't be any worse. 

Lindsay is gonna go off tonight. 150yds 2 TDs, 5 catches for 60 yds and TD.

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