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Why has John Henderson not had any big plays (sacks, INTs, fumbles forced/ recovered) this year? He's been top notch in tackles, as expected. But, nothing else is coming his way.In my twelve team IDP league, we start 1 DT, 2 DEs, 3 LBs, 2 CBs, 2 SFs, and one flex. Here's how IDP points are scored: .75/tackle, .25/assist, 1/pass defense, 4/sack, 5/interception, and 3/fumble forced or recovered, here's my league's top eight:Rod Coleman: 67.75 points (22 tackles, 5 assists)Robert Bernard: 67 (31,6)Aaron Kampman: 63.75 (40,15)Bryant Young: 59.75 (25,4)Montae Reagor: 59.35 (23,9)Orpheus Roye: 55.00 (47,15)Warren Sapp: 51.15 (28,4)John Henderson: 42.25 (42,15)Can anybody provide any insight?BTW, I read a great article in the current (?) ESPN: The Magazine about Henderson and Stroud and how they work together.

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I guess you were just expecting too much out of him. John Henderson will get tackles and swat some passes, but he never has been and never will be a big play DT. Prior to this year he averaged 1 sack every 3 games, 1 FF every 12 games and 1 FR every 12 games. The sacks haven't been there at all, but expecting more than a handful anyway is probably wishful thinking.

No idea. Stroud has been injured alot this season and he has only 1 sack. Backup DT Rob Meier has a sack in each of the past 4 games and 5 for the season. Maybe he come's in on 3rd downs.

I guess you were just expecting too much out of him.
Expecting more than 0 big plays out of him was not expecting too much. Henderson did get his frist QB sack today against the Browns.


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