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The Chiefs and the agent representing controversial receiver Terrell Owens met informally at the recent Senior Bowl college all-star game, but discussions about bringing Owens to Kansas City haven't advanced beyond that point. "We were approached by his agent at the Senior Bowl and we had a visit -- a very short visit," coach Herm Edwards said Friday at a media briefing. "He hasn't gotten back to us since." Edwards said he would have to meet with Owens before he could evaluate whether the outspoken player who was suspended by the Philadelphia Eagles this year could join the Chiefs without becoming a major distraction.

Chiefs coach Herm Edwards is hopeful Pro Bowl guard Will Shields will return, too, and it’s likely he’d continue the practice of limiting Shields’ workouts during training camp. Shields, who’s battled arthritis, has pondered retirement for the past year. “I just think you have to be smart with your players,” Edwards said. “Like in life, I treat everyone fair, but I don’t treat everyone the same.” The same would probably go for Pro Bowl tackle Willie Roaf, who’s expected to return

Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said running back Priest Holmes is probably 50-50 on returning in 2006. Holmes will undergo tests this month to determine whether he’s neurologically sound to play. He suffered a neck injury at midseason. “He just wants to make sure he’s going to be OK, and I can understand that,” Edwards said. “That’s something you don’t deal with lightly. I anticipate he’ll be back. That’s my gut feeling.”


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