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*** KC @ NYG Game Thread *** (1 Viewer)

Looked like his arm was going foward...Ill say incomplete pass.edit: May change my mind after seeing it again from a better angle

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We would be able to see a better angle if they didn't shoot to commercial the second the flag came out, man is this what monday night games are going to be like?

Wow. I'm a Giants fan, but the refs really seem to be making some BAD calls against KC.Gotta love that homefield advantage. :D

Sometimes vermeil confuses the helll out of me. Why don't they just run run run. Aren't they playing into Giants strength by passing?

Its larry johnson guy, he gutted Denver when they were #1 and gutted Dallas. You think Pierce would make that big difference.

@#$! FRIGGIN Larry Johnson. He single-handedly beat me last week and could do it again in the playoffs. TACKLE you pansy Giants.Edit: more keystone cops D by the Gints. Here comes the TD.

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