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Keep 1 - Lawrence, Evans, Herbert (1 Viewer)

Pick 1 to keep. Details in post.

  • Lawrence QB

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Herbert QB

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Evans WR

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  • Total voters


16 team - 1/2 PPR
Start 1 QB - Can keep 4 - 1/2/3/1

Currently keeping:
Etienne (167)
B Hall (95)
Lamb (186)

Pick 1 more to keep:
Lawrence (358)
Herbert (346)
M Evans (152)

Players kept decide position of draft order. Lower your points of players kept, higher your draft pick. Points in ( ).
So, not keeping a QB helps the draft order. Just not sure about Evans over one of those 2 QBs.
In a 16 team league I think you have to go with the QB unless there are no QB's being kept and you will have a good shot at getting a top 10 ish guy. Without knowing that info I would plan to keep Herbert because he helps you draft position over Lawrence. Unless that small point differential doesn't affect your draft spot. Then I keep Lawrence.
Herbert is the best player out of those 3 in this format, IMO. I think that most redraft & dynasty rankings would agree.

Without knowing more about how the points work, it's hard to say whether it's best to keep him or Evans or no one. e.g., If just keeping the 3 would get you Bijan then that seems like a pretty great deal.

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