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Keeper league may be folding (1 Viewer)


I've been in a keeper league since Peyton Manning's rookie year (otherwise known as the year I picked Curtis Enis and Ryan Leaf instead of Manning and Randy Moss). It's a unique league. I knew my team was going to suck this year and I was OK with that. I figured I was in a multi-year rebuilding project which I was looking forward to.

Until I got the phone call Friday night:

The commish is thinking of saying '1 more year' and ending the league in its current format after 2014. To which I basically said, then I see no point in me continuing for the rest of this year and next year.

We have two halves to each season and we're preparing for our midseason draft. Its basically shuffling deck chairs on the titanic, but it allows teams that have gotten off to a slow start but may not be that bad compete for something in the second half.

Did I mention it's total points and not head to head?

Anyhow I'm thinking seriously of quitting mid-year because this came out of nowhere. And I feel like if I'd have known that coming into the year, I could have fielded a more competitive short-term team.

Kind of angry about this. I can get it any internet league for $20 or $50 but this is a $220 league that I've been in for a lot of years and have always enjoyed.

Why is he thinking of ending the league? Maybe he just doesn't want to commish the league anymore and another member can run it?

I guess you really need to understand if this is just the commish wanting out, or if the general consensus of the league is that it's done.

That's a pretty powerful commish you have there.

It's probably be impossible to bump him out in a coup.

He wouldn't happen to be a movie producer with a favorite race horse; would he?

Ask if he'll let someone else be commish.

If he won't listen just duplicate all the rosters in a new league and you or someone else be the commish starting with this draft. Why not?


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