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12 team, 0.5 PPR Keeper League.  I have 10th pick.  Starters are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF. Teams can keep up to 2 players each year.  To keep a player, you must forfeit your draft pick one round earlier than the player's draft value the previous season.  So for example, if Mike Evans was drafted in the 2nd round last year and the team is keeping him this year, that team loses its 1st round pick this season.  Only caveat is all players who were drafted rounds 6 or later, as well as all UDFAs, cost a 5th round pick to keep.  Teams can keep 2 players with 5th round value by forfeiting their 4th and 5th round picks.  

I have a dilemma among my keeper options.  I am considering the following (current year's draft round value in parentheses):

Mixon (2), Ertz (3), Cooks (5), Lindsay (5).  Not too keen on using a 2nd rounder on Mixon this year, however...RBs always at a premium.  The following list of players who I'm projecting will be kept and thus unavailable:

Hopkins (1), Michael Thomas (3), JuJu (4), Damien Williams (5), David Johnson (2), Kamara (4), Tyreek Hill (1), Kittle (5), Thielen (4), Kerryon or Mack (5), Mahomes (5), Kelce (2), Conner (5), Chubb (4), Carson?(5)

Which way would you go?  It's a snake draft so my first 5 picks OVR are 10, 15, 34, 39, 58.  I predict that Mixon would go right around 15 anyway, so decent enough chance I could grab him there if I don't keep him.  I figure Ertz at 34 makes sense...question is what to do for second keeper?  Is keeping Mixon a guarantee worth it?  Cooks or Lindsay at 58 overall?  

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If you like Mixon I think it is worth the peace of mind to ensure you get him anyway.  If you aren't a big fan then I keep Lindsay.

I’d go Mixon/Cooks & can the 4/5

thats the most bang for the buck, in getting basically a late 1st/early 2nd round value & locking up a rock solid backfield. 

It also gives you tremendous trade bait in Mixon - so even if you aren’t high on him, if you designate him as your 5th, you can deal him for a high-end WR1 to someone in your league who is high on him. Guaranteed there will be takers if you float him.

In this scenario I’d think outside the box a little with Mixon in that regard. 



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