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We keep 4 in our league each year. 10 Team PPR. They are slotted 3 rounds ahead of where they were drafted the previous year. Having a hard time deciding who to keep. Have been in the top 3 in points the last 3 years thanks to mainly Kelce, Kamara and Thomas so I have a hard time not keeping them. But that leaves one slot available.

Obviously leaning OBJ or Kupp. Henry I had every intention of leaving him in the dust and never looking back but I keep thinking if he just gets a chance he could be a monster - even tho he has burned me 3 years now. TIA - will help if you leave a link.  Number is the round they will go this year.

Michael Thomas 4

Kelce 5


Jordan Howard 8

Derrick Henry 9

Kupp 10

Kamara 25

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Kamara, OBJ, and Thomas are no brainer have to keep.......although I am trying to figure out how you got Kamara in the 28th round last  year......hahahaha.

After that I guess Kelce is ok value in the 5th.  I probably go there. 



I don't think this is no-brainer. But I come to the same conclusion.  Thomas, Kelce OBJ and Kamara.  I think it's important to determine if you again a statistical advantage by keeping Kelce and the WRs over a 1 RB 1WR and TE. Kelce was a consistent, TE at an elite level. Only one really last year.  Kittle, Engram? Howard, H.Henry. Some of the Rookies are good... Who's available and for which pick do you think that you can get them?   Giving up a first for Thomas is reasonable. What's the worst case scenario 1st round draft pick? If you have OBJ do you need Thomas as badly?  Do you create an advantage with both?  You're trying to stack your team I assume.  Is Kupp is WR3 right? IS  he in the top 70?   That's a 7th round pick. OBJ is .  But Kupp LAR with Cooks and Woods. He's good but those guys are had better years. 

KAMARA= 25 to 22 Yes ....he's a top 220 player. 

KUPP 10 to 7.  No. Not Top 70 in a league where you drafted OBJ in 7thth and KAMARA 25th. 

HENRY: 9th to 6th.  YES  I expect him to have a good year. He should be top 60 and among top 10 RBs. Usually = to top 3 rounds.  He's more capable of this than others.

HOWARD: 8 to 5th. no. I don't think so right now. It's unknown and more risk  PHI 

OBJ: 7 to 4th. Yes. Like what's going on in CLE. I like his talent. I think he's as capable of Thomas but Thomas is more consistent.

KELCE: 5 to 2nd: YES acquiring top position player creates advantage. Tyreek Hill's issues boost KELCE's projections I believe. 

Thomas:  4 to 1.  YES it's worth it.    You need to determine if you want the top 2 WRs and top TE + Kamara.  or 1 of the WR and Henry.   unless you think you can draft Henry in the 7th or lower round. Or a higher prospect.   I like your PPR odds with Thomas OBJ Kelce Kamara. What's your starting roster look like though if you get a 1st round pick? Barkley? Chubb? Can you trade any of these players for more value? You essentially have 5 worth keeping.   Good luck 


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