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Kendrick Lamar (1 Viewer)

His singing is terrible, but that's part of the charm I think.

New Earl is pretty good. More or less what you'd expect from an album with the title "I Don't Like ####, I Don't Go Outside."

Hes really good and deserves the hype but I just cant get into his album at all. The beats are just too mellow and boring IMO. Then again I never really liked West Coast rap due to the beats and this album is no different. Except the song Swimming Pools which has a dope beat.
If you found the beats too mellow and boring on that album, then you definitely will not like "To Pimp a Butterfly."

[icon] said:
This band is lethal. Good lord.

No I've just seen/heard thousands of hours of live music all over the country, have played a bit all my life, and know the difference between a hot house band and a crack band of session type guys super rehearsed and locked in.

And I was speaking more to the "basic level" comment. I have no doubt there are great musicians in Memphis. Even off "Beale Street." As there are in cities everywhere.

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