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He played DE in college, but was announced as a LB when he was drafted. He's currently listed as the SLB on Ourlads, but RDE behind Ngakoue on ESPN. The Jags haven't released an official depth chart yet. MFL has him listed as a LB. How do you see this playing out in regards to his position and his ultimate designation on MFL? Thanks in advance.



My guess is that the starting D Line in base is LEO - Josh Allen, undertackle - Taven Bryan, nose - Al Woods, SDE - Rodney Gunter, SLB - K Chaisson. (Assumption - Ngakoue gets moved.) I think they should try Allen at SLB and play Chaisson at LEO. I think SLB will be largely an edge role this year (think Bruce Irvin in Seattle). Schobert and Jack are all the stacked LBs they'll need. Ronnie Harrison can step forward from time to time. As for ESPN, maybe the RDE tag is due to their adoption of true positions? I'd guess Chaisson remains an 'LB' on MFL this year because lots of rookies carried a tag inconsistent with their scheme last year simply due to inaction by Fantasy Sharks. Then in 2021, who knows? I don't think the current coaching staff has good odds of making it through the 2020 season. 



Yep Jacksonville has always played the Bradley 4-3 that has the SAM as more of an athlete/rusher and the SDE as a bulk/edge setting run defender.  Chaisson was on my DND due to the risk of that.  Allen's the speed rusher and don't forget they still even have Ngakwe when they go sub package.


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